Ghana's Best Pharmacy Students Intern at Merck Germany

Merck is partnering with the University of Ghana to provide scientific training and promote personal development of graduate pharmacists. The program provides students with exposure to research and development, pharmaceuticals, microbiology and drug product development to develop their understanding of pharmaceutical sciences before specializing in their respective fields.

The students, Adomah Opuku-Achaempong, Yvone Darko and Emelia Priscilla Imbeah meet with Kai Beckmann (left), a member of the Merck Executive Board to share their experiences at Merck and also talk about the partnership between Merck in Ghana and the University of Ghana. Right: Benjamin Hein from Merck Inhouse Consulting

Merck's Best Student Award and internship in the Darmstadt headquarters allows for scientific training across different areas and promotes the personal development of graduate pharmacists

For the third year in a row, three talented students from the University of Ghana participating in the Best Student Award programme were invited to visit Merck’s global headquarters in Darmstadt, Germany. The month-long internship in which they stayed with Merck host families, the students also experienced a variety of cultural activities. A comprehensive programme was organized at Merck Darmstadt during the week, with free time to explore at the weekend. Their time in Darmstadt allowed them to make new contacts and experience the local lifestyle and culture in Germany.

Scientific training
During the internship, students had the opportunity to get exposed to the areas of research & development, research pharmaceutics and microbiology, as well as drug product development. Prof. Alexander K. Nyarko, Ag. Dean of the School of Pharmacy at the University of Ghana said, “those who attended this internship were able to develop their understanding of pharmaceutical sciences before specializing in their respective fields. They also gained practical skills.” The internship was an excellent opportunity for them to receive scientific training across different areas in a pharmaceutical and life science company. Students were invited to several presentations on topics such as drug substance development, chemical and pharmaceutical development, and clinical trial supplies. Additionally, it gave them a unique chance to acquaint themselves with the working environment in Germany, where they may well work in the future.

Great enthusiasm
Participants reported on their experience with great enthusiasm. They immensely enjoyed experiencing what working in a global healthcare and life science company, as well as living in Germany is like. From the company’s point of view, it was also an opportunity for Merck Millipore to strengthen its promise to provide leading life science products and services. Merck Millipore is committed to delivering entrepreneurial success through innovation and leveraging its expertise to meet the needs of people in Africa. This effort can be seen through “The Best Student Award” programme, in which brilliant minds who have never been abroad before are given the chance to broaden their horizons in an educational way.

The students with Felix Akuamoah (2nd left), the Field Sales Specialist for Merck Millipore in Ghana

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