10th Anniversary Public Lecture


As part of the activities of a year-long 10th anniversary celebrations, the School of Pharmacy (SOP) held its first Public Lecture at the ISSER Auditorium at University of Ghana. The speaker, Dr. Bodin Tuesuwan of the Chulalongkorn University, Thailand,  spoke on the topic “Challenges in Pharmaceuticals: Quality Attribute (in both drugs and traditional medicines). The role of Universities, Industry and FDA”. The public lecture coincided with his visit to the Department of Pharmaceutics and Microbiology at the School of Pharmacy, to strengthen the collaboration between the Chulalongkorn University School of Pharmacy and the University of Ghana School of Pharmacy. Last year a group of 10 students from SOP visited the Chulalongkorn University through the sponsorship of GIZ, a German Cooperation.

From left to right: Prof. Ayeh-Kumi (Provost, College of Health Sciences), Prof. Alex Nyarko (Immediate Past Dean, Sch. of Pharmacy), Dr. Asiedu-Gyeke (Dean, Sch. of Pharmacy), Dr. Bodin (Guest Speaker)

Guests who were present to listen to the lecture included Mr. Sena Awittey, the executive secretary of the Pharmaceutical Society of Ghana, Mrs. Florence Ama Nkansah, the Director of Pharmacy at the Korle- Bu Teaching Hospital and the Provost of the College of Health Sciences, Rev. Professor P. F. Ayeh-Kumi.
The Dean of the School of Pharmacy, Dr. Isaac Asiedu-Gyeke, welcomed the speaker and his colleague from Thailand after which he proceeded to stress on the importance of the topic and how it affects Pharmacy Education and the Nation as a whole.

A section of the audience

The Provost of the college took his turn and said it was a joy to share in the occasion and that the School of Pharmacy had not made only positive strides in training but also in research and other engagements, working with very little resources. He was pleased that the theme of the anniversary celebrations was looking at excellence in training and research.
When it was his turn to introduce the chairman for the occasion, Prof. Alex Dodoo (the chairman of the 10th Anniversary Planning Committee), took the opportunity to inform guests about all the activities that were lined up for the 10th anniversary celebrations. The chairman for the lecture was Prof. Alexander Nyarko, the immediate past dean of the School of Pharmacy.
Before the speaker delivered his lecture, a representative for the Director of GIZ, Ms. Juliet Edzeame (the Project Manager), gave a broad overview of the activities of GIZ. She informed the gathering that GIZ aimed at bringing together national and international companies, concentrating on Agriculture, Good Governance and Sustainable Economic Development. As part of the collaboration between the Chulalongkorn University of Thailand and the School of Pharmacy, University of Ghana, GIZ sponsored 6 weeks training of 10 students, and a week’s visit of two lecturers in Thailand last year at the Chulalongkorn University. Dr. Bodin Tuesuwan, the speaker and his colleague Dr.  Sujinda Keratichewanun, are spending a week in Ghana at the School of Pharmacy as a follow up to the visit paid by the students and the lecturers to their University in Thailand. Ms. Edzeame further reported that GIZ had offices in 130 countries and had been in Ghana for more than 30 years.

Prof. Alex Dodoo (Chairman, 10th Anniversary Planning Committee)

The lecture centered on the issue of quality assurance with respect to the  local production of medicine and the impact of good manufacturing processes.The speaker was of high praise to the students that visited the Chulalongkorn University last year. He mentioned that he was particularly impressed with their intelligence and excellent knowledge in pharmaceutics and pharmaceutical chemistry. He was surprised to know that they were not necessary the best students in their class but were chosen randomly for the visit to Thailand.

Dr. Bodin delivering his lecture

The lecture ended with discussions, questions and answers after which the speaker presented a gift to the School of Pharmacy which was received by the Dean of the School, Dr. Asiedu-Gyeke and the chairman of the occasion, Prof. Alexander Nyarko.The event ended with a photography session.