A Technological Leap: CAMAG TLC Visualizer Elevates Research Capabilities at the Department of Pharmacognosy and Herbal Medicine

In a stride towards innovation and enhanced research capabilities, the Department of Pharmacognosy and Herbal Medicine at the University of Ghana proudly announces the acquisition of the latest CAMAG TLC Visualizer. This cutting-edge equipment is set to revolutionize our research efforts and further our commitment to advancing the field of pharmacognosy.

Visionary Leadership: Prof. Oppong Bekoe's Inspiring Initiative

At the forefront of this exciting development is the visionary leadership of Prof. Oppong Bekoe, whose unwavering dedication to the Department's growth and progress led to the successful acquisition of the CAMAG TLC Visualizer. Prof. Bekoe's forward-thinking approach has consistently elevated the Department's profile, making it a hub for groundbreaking research.

Installation of Equipment

The installation of this state-of-the-art equipment took place on Tuesday September 2nd, 2023 under the expert guidance of Dr. Tien Do, Head of Laboratory, CAMAG. Dr. Do's meticulous attention to detail ensured a seamless and efficient setup, positioning the CAMAG TLC Visualizer for optimal performance.

Unleashing Potential: The CAMAG TLC Visualizer

The CAMAG TLC Visualizer is a game-changer in the world of pharmacognosy and herbal medicine research. This advanced technology enables our researchers to analyze and visualize compounds with unparalleled precision. Its capabilities open doors to more profound insights into bioactive compounds sourced from medicinal plants, aligning perfectly with the Department's research goals.

A Bright Future: Advancing Pharmacognosy at the University of Ghana

With the CAMAG TLC Visualizer now at our disposal, we look forward to a future filled with exciting discoveries and innovations. This equipment empowers our researchers to delve deeper into the properties of bioactive compounds, pushing the boundaries of pharmacognosy and herbal medicine.

Join Us on this Journey

In receiving the equipment, Dr. Paul Owusu Donkor who is the Head of Department, throws an invitation to all members of the academic community, students, and fellow researchers to join us on this exciting journey. Together, we will harness the potential of the CAMAG TLC Visualizer to further our understanding of medicinal plants and their contributions to healthcare.


As we celebrate this milestone, we reaffirm our commitment to excellence in research, education, and the advancement of pharmacognosy and herbal medicine. Stay tuned for the incredible discoveries that await us as we embrace this new era of innovation at the Department of Pharmacognosy and Herbal Medicine, University of Ghana.