Mission & Vision

Promotion of human health through safe, efficacious and affordable pharmaceutical interventions.

To develop world class pharmacy graduates with capabilities and competencies to meet the national pharmaceutical challenges and patient care needs.


  • To provide pharmacy students with requisite knowledge and technical and scientific skills for appropriate development of therapeutic substances of plant, animal and mineral origin in Ghana and    Africa.
  • To inculcate in pharmacy graduates the spirit of professionalism that will form the basis for integrated and multi-disciplinary approach to patient care in their practice of pharmacy and
  • To ensure that the students, upon graduation, will appreciate and demonstrate the importance and significance of research in advancing pharmaceutical care and developing sustainable life-long    learning habits.
  • To establish collaborative links with other schools of pharmacy for the promotion of mutual academic and research goals.
  • The Departments of the School are charged to develop objectives that will express modes of implementing the vision and mission of the School as stated above.