Visit by a Team from PUM to the School of Pharmacy, University of Ghana

A team from PUM, an NGO based in Netherlands on Wednesday, August 24, 2022 visited the School of Pharmacy, University of Ghana to explore the possibilities of collaborating with the School to offer training and other forms of support to faculty and students to bridge the gap between academia and industry. PUM is made up of volunteers of experts in various fields of endeavor who operate in thirty-six (36) countries in the world.

Led by its Sector Coordinator for Pharmaceutical, Herbal and Cosmetics, Mr. Jan Paanakker, who is in the country to work with the FDA to train some SMEs in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics space, the group held very fruitful discussions with the Ag. Dean and Heads of Departments of the School.

At the end of the deliberations the two institutions identified possible areas of collaboration to including training on repairs of laboratory equipment, formulation of drugs and how to translate them into products, curriculum development as well as risk assessment.