Academic Programmes

Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.Pharm) - 4 years (Undergraduate)
The School of Pharmacy is committed to producing pharmacy graduates who:

  • are committed to life-long learning
  • having a sufficient understanding of the principles and techniques of pharmaceutical sciences (and after appropriate internship) are able to communicate and deliver pharmaceutical care in the community and hospital settings;
  • are able to take professional responsibility in pharmaceutical industry for the manufacture and testing of medicinal products
  • are able, after appropriate postgraduate training, to pursue careers in academia and research establishments.
  • Special attention is focused on the development of skills that will enable the graduate to produce therapeutic substances of plant origin. This is intended to accelerate the scientific development of herbal medicine in Ghana.

At graduation the student will:

  • understand how medicines are developed, manufactured and made available for pharmaceutical care
  • have a basic understanding of medicine formulation and the capability to prepare extemporaneously any medicine for which this would be regarded as the normal means of provision of pharmaceutical care
  • be able to supply medicines in accordance with pharmaceutical knowledge, legislation and codes of professional conduct and practice
  • have sufficient academic knowledge to interpret and evaluate prescriptions and other orders for medicines and to underpin a role in advising patients and other health care professionals about medicines and their usage
  • be able to recognize common disease states and make appropriate interventions to presented symptoms
  • have an appreciation of the principles of medicinal products, quality assessment and quality assurance mechanisms in all aspects of scientific and professional activities
  • have an appreciation of research methodologies relevant to natural, clinical and social sciences.